Smart 150

150 years of Canada —  time to refresh our NATIONAL DREAM!

From railroads to light-roads:  today glass fibres weave communications webs across continents.  They transform dreams into substance, and lift all communities –   rural and urban, large and small  —  to exemplary ideas-based centres.  Canada is now creating a model that foreshadows a new world community.

The i-CANADA150 program’s goal is to start 150 Smart Communities by the end of 2017   –  the 150th anniversary of Canada.

In doing so, we will deliver a strong and sustainable “triple bottom line” of economic, social and environmental performance, and we will create new hope and economic opportunities for all Canadians.

We realize that this is a difficult goal, but it is worthy of the nation that invented the Communications Age in the first place!  First telephone, first phone company, first long-distance phone call, first domestic communications satellite, first digital phone switches  –  all from Canada.  Canada can be the model for the world’s first “Intelligent Nation”, just as we were for the first “Communications Nation”!

We invite you to join us as we put in place the programs that will jump-start a legion of Smart Communities across Canada!  Please reply to “Join “Smart 150”, so we can tell you what is involved, and also keep you informed of our mutual progress.  Help ensure that your community is one of the “Smart 150”!




Barry Gander

Co-Founder, i-CANADA