We believe that Canadian entrepreneurs should be able to apply the fire and energy of social media to the creation of new jobs and new companies, to help create a sustainable Canada — one where our businesspeople are able to use the social media tools available to their global competitors.

In our vision, Canadian creativity will be bolstered by the active involvement in our economy of tens of thousands of online citizens. By opening the world of investment to social media, and using the “Wisdom of Crowds” to select worthy investments, social media is launching a new era of financing. Aggregating the power of thousands of individual investments, Crowdfund Investment is a social media tool that is absolutely critical for Canada’s economic growth.

In our view, if citizens are allowed to gamble online, we should also be allowed to invest online, to make JOBS and companies grow

I endorse this Petition calling for the urgent adoption of Crowdfund Investing in Canada.

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* We are asking i- Canada Executive Circle members to pledge a 1K contribution towards the 350K pool of funds

we will  use to set up i-Canada Town Hall meetings with Mayors and to help develop and deploy i-Canada communication materials.