PULSE, a weekly news bulletin, is being launched to keep people aware of Smart Community developments.

Leaders are striving to create Smart Communities world-wide, to control costs, expand services and benefit from a new trillion-dollar market.PULSE’s terse executive style links take you to trending information on Applications, Infrastructure and Thought Leadership.

There is no charge for PULSE; it is a service from i-CANADA, a non-profit organization with the goal of creating 150 Smart Communities in Canada by our national 150th If you would like to receive PULSE, just click here.


Pulse – Intelligent Community news

12/14/2016 – PULSE December 14, 2016: Pizza Delivery by Drone; Smart Communities Need to go Wireless
11/03/2016 – PULSE for November 3, 2016: Rural U.S. forms fibre coops; Smart Cities like the Interstate system
09/30/2016 – PULSE September 30, 2016: Ontario Chamber calls rural Internet “A necessity”; Smart Annapolis Valley plans; Stratford Mayor wows Mayors, Wardens
08/26/2016 – PULSE August 29, 2016: Annapolis Valley Agrees on Smart Region; Canadian enterprises not prepared; high speed comes to 200 Ontario communities
08/01/2016 – PULSE August 1 2016: Existing farm structures used for internet; Techno-farming – why rural connections are needed
06/30/2016 – PULSE June 30 2016: Lack of broadband not just a rural issue: 25% of New Yorkers have no broadband
06/17/2016 – PULSE June 20 2016: Move bits, not cars – Ethernet inventor; Starbucks now basically an online bank
06/17/2016 – Montreal gets award for Intelligent City of the Year! Follows Toronto’s win in 2014; Canada now the leading Smart Nation
05/16/2016 – PULSE May 16 2016: Smart City SUMMIT; Google and Smart City?; President’s Council: spend billions
04/01/2016 – Pulse April 1, 2016: Governors Council now includes creator of first urbanization standards metrics; global connection speed up 23% 
03/15/2016 – PULSE March 16 2016: Innovation and Societal Change; Start-Ups not as competitive as Established Companies