Siemens Canada President and CEO Joins i-CANADA Governors Council


Ottawa, November 24, 2014  –  Robert Hardt, President and CEO of Siemens Canada, has accepted an invitation to enter the i-CANADA Governors Council, joining a cadre of leaders who are dedicated to creating Smart Communities across the country.

“Siemens Canada has tremendous experience in all the activities that make up a Smart Community,” said Mr. Bill Hutchison, Co-Founder and Chair of i-CANADA.  “We are delighted that we will be able to draw on Siemens’ expertise in fields such as energy management, healthcare, building technologies, transportation, and renewable energy.  Siemens’ reach into Canadian communities, and its huge advanced-technology work force, will also be a great help in driving Canada’s transformation to a Smart Nation.”

“Siemens has always felt that the secret to strategic sustainability for communities is to integrate services, sectors and functions,” stated Mr. Hardt.  “In our 100 years of experience, we have found that having products and services that can help clients seamlessly integrate their activities brings a huge return on investment.  I am pleased that Siemens will be able to offer its best practices to the communities of Canada. The fact that Siemens Canada has managed to not only remain relevant over the past 100 years, but continues to be at the forefront of a number of engineering and electronics initiatives indicates the incredible success it’s enjoyed during its century in Canada —  success that we are determined to share with all of Canada.”

“We welcome the personal participation of Robert in our Governors Council,” said Brenda Halloran, i-CANADA Governor and Mayor of Waterloo, ON.  “An increasing number of communities are upscaling their economies to knowledge and technology services, it will be wonderful to have the guidance of a pathfinder like Robert in our leadership group.  Experience has shown the Smart or Intelligent Communities have better economic performance, higher skilled employment, and a more sustainable ecosystem.”




About i-CANADA

i-CANADA’s goal is to create an Intelligent Nation, where each community is making full use of digital inclusion, ultra-broadband communications, and a rainbow of applications, to prosper with the higher employment and better living standards that are the hallmark of Intelligent Communities.  The i-CANADA Governors Council includes the CEOs of large organizations, Mayors and thought leaders.

About Siemens Canada

For more than 100 years the innovative ideas from Siemens have helped make Canada a better place. From the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, more than 4,500 employees in Canada work together to provide answers that last in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization. Since it was federally chartered in 1912, Siemens has stood for innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. Sales for Siemens Canada in fiscal 2014 (ended September 30), were $2.7 billion CAD. The company has 39 offices and 12 manufacturing/assembly facilities across Canada. Further information is available at