CIRA Domain Webinars

Dear i-Canada Community Members,

When we created i-CANADA five years ago the high level goal was to enhance the culture of innovation in Canada by encouraging and supporting the evolution of our cities for economic, social and environmental leadership in tomorrow’s world.

The many members of the i-CANADA Council of Governors, , have been making an important contribution along with our founding sponsors IBM, Tangerine Bank and other sponsors.  An important element in achieving our mission is to ensure Canadian communities are aware of all potential tools and solutions that may enhance their digital presence.  Accordingly, we want to recommend an important series of webinars.

We are supporting the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) with a series of online seminars explaining the opportunity for Cities, Communities and Regions to learn about the advantages and process associated with acquiring a geographic specific domain name.  This for example could be .Toronto and applied to commercial sites or organizations (waterfront.toronto or tourism.toronto).  The opportunity might also be attractive to regions like .muskoka or .okanagan .  Some city domain names were awarded two years ago, like .newyork. Cities already using their name for their domain have recovered their investment already by selling usage rights to their companies and institutions who are also benefitting.

The possibilities around branding, new revenue and even improved citizen engagement are discussed during a webinar which is being offered on two different dates:

Feb 23, 4:00 PM EST – Click here to register

Feb 25, 10:00 AM EST – Click here to register

i-CANADA strongly encourages those with an interest in city/community domains to register for the webinar in order to learn more about this opportunity.


Bill Hutchison                                                               Barry Gander
Co-Founder and Chair                                                Co-Founder,
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