Net Neutrality Alive and Well in Canada: CRTC Crafts Full Code With Zero Rating Decision

The CRTC today released the final chapter (for now) in its net neutrality governance framework, creating policy that establishes strong safeguards against net neutrality violations and severely restricts the ability for providers to engage in zero rating practices. When combined with the federal government’s clear support for net neutrality, the Canadian framework is now one

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Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony

Dear i-Canada partner, I am delighted to announce that i-Canada has agreed to partner with IT World Canada (ITWC) on a new national awards program highlighting excellence in digital transformation. The Digital Transformation Awards is a program designed to recognize the best examples of business or organizational digital transformation in the country. It is open

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Nova Scotia Mayors set Smart Community path

What the lessons of Stratford’s Smart Community Renaissance offer to Annapolis Valley communities A report from a Summit of Annapolis Valley Mayors, Wardens, Chiefs and Economic Leaders on August 25, 2016 On August 25th 2016 Annapolis Valley leaders listened with awe to a  presentation by Stratford, ON, Mayor Dan Mathieson.  Mayor Mathieson outlined the benefits that came

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Blockchain Best Selling Author William Mougayar to Speak at WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT

Acclaimed author William Mougayar will describe a technology that will allow organizations to reinvent field after field  –  blockchain  –  at The WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT. Blockchain has been called a “core Innovation” by Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen.  The technology is a decentralized digital ledger that’s accessible to millions of users and is cryptographically secured,

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Broadband is the “killer app” for modernizing cities large and small: analyst

Whatever happened to the promise of the “gigabit city?” There are still barriers to fast, available, and consistent broadband connections but this is slowly changing, notes one industry observer. According to broadband industry analyst Craig Settles, high-speed broadband is the “killer app” that will kickstart innovation and growth within North American communities. Settles will explore the topic

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World Future Cities Summit

The leading event for communities, value-makers and network builders. The i-CANADA New World Order is about learning from the best around the world – and becoming one of that elite circle of sustainable, thriving communities!