In its first year, i-CANADA has created:

  • A Governors’ Council comprising 30 members, of whom two are Premiers and 14 are Mayors;
  • More than 1,000 signatories to its petition;
  • An Advisory Board of more than 50 experts
  • A full portfolio of tools, services and programs to help communities evolve
  • A definitive meeting of its Advisory Council, global visionaries and Canadian experts


The President of i-CANADA is Bill Hutchison, one of the country’s foremost shapers of the merger of technology with economic and social value.  Bill has been Chair of Waterfront Toronto’s i-Waterfront Advisory Council, Board Chair of SAVI, a five year multi university Internet and cloud computing research program led by the University of Toronto and a member of Skolkovo, Russia’s Smart City Expert Advisory Board.

Vice President and Co-Founder is Barry Gander, who has helped jump-start the development of advanced technology organizations in Canada and abroad.  Working in both companies and in associations, with the public sector and academia, he has created business programs that have boosted revenues and markets.

Advisory Board

i-CANADA’s Advisory Board is made up of expert representatives from all sectors of the Knowledge-Based Society. Business, Public Sector, volunteer and community support organizations are represented. The Advisory Board is seen as Canada’s “repository” of the most knowledgeable leaders on the subject of the Knowledge Economy.

The goal of the i-CANADA Advisory Board, is to give ideas and opinions to the staff and the Council of Governors, on how to manage the swiftest transformation possible to an Intelligent Nation, where e-commerce, e-governance, e-creative, and e-citizenry, are harnessed to the cause of creating a prosperous and healthy society.  Read More

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