Invest Crowdfund Canada

A powerful new merger of social media and finance called “Crowdfund Investing” is promising to accelerate innovation around the world.

Canada needs to adopt crowdfund investing to allow the nation’s emerging, small and medium sized companies to keep up with the pace of change. Now legalized in the US, UK, and Australia, we cannot let Canada fall further behind. Crowdfund investing is not legal in Ontario, and while it may be theoretically possible other provinces due to certain securities exemptions, it is not feasible under the current structure.  Making this important change can help create and sustain new markets, new jobs and connect buyers with sellers in lower cost models.

Innovation is declining in Canada; we need to change more rapidly to become a more intelligent nation.

Crowdfund investing can help make that transformation happen. Join us by supporting i-Canada’s Invest Crowdfund Campaign and help our nation. Please read our Petition, and register your support!

A little more about us

Invest Crowdfund Canada is made up national industry leaders who are volunteering to create legislative change to legalize investment crowdfunding and bring Canada forward in its support of growing start-ups.

  • If you would like to accelerate the arrival of crowdfundiInvesting, we welcome the addition of your strengths to our cause.
  • Your leadership and contributions can help us all, and it will benefit you when Crowdfund Investing becomes legal, by allowing you to position yourself as a pioneer supporter of the program, when you make your own Crowdfund Investing offering.
  • Please Support our cause!

For more information please contact:
Andrew Weir
VP Communications, Invest Crowdfund Canada
Helix Commerce International
647 477 6254