Barry Gander

Barry-Gander-238x300For 25 years Barry Gander has helped jump-start the development of advanced technology organizations in Canada and abroad.  Working in both companies and in associations, with the public sector and academia, he has created business programs that have boosted revenues and markets.  Two new initiatives are showcasing the best of Canadian innovation to global markets.  The Networked Vehicle Association, which he founded, is helping to move vehicles into the next technology space, making possible social benefits such as a ”crashless highway”.  The i-CANADA program, which he co-founded, aims to create an “Intelligent Nation” by establishing a grass-roots movement of communities that network at ultra-fast speed.

He has authored several best-selling books including “Fast Lane”, which crystallized the growth ideas of the pinnacle CEO’s, and a landmark book called “SUCCESS”, which highlights the views of 100 top executives.  His programs for effective, creative new ways to expand business, either through selling more product, positioning it more forcefully, or establishing a better partnership network, have helped CATA expand to 33,000 members.  He has helped expand this into a social network of more than five million executives.