Advisory Board

i-CANADA’s Advisory Board is made up of expert representatives from all sectors of the Knowledge-Based Society. Business, Public Sector, volunteer and community support organizations are represented. The Advisory Board is seen as Canada’s “repository” of the most knowledgeable leaders on the subject of the Knowledge Economy.

The goal of the i-CANADA Advisory Board, is to give ideas and opinions to the staff and the Council of Governors, on how to manage the swiftest transformation possible to an Intelligent Nation, where e-commerce, e-governance, e-creative, and e-citizenry, are harnessed to the cause of creating a prosperous and healthy society.

The Advisory Board does not have any legal or formal responsibilities, but is convened online and in person as needed, to give advice and support.

The Council of Governors of i-CANADA recognizes that an effective Advisory Board is critical to organizational success. The Advisory Board plays an instrumental public relations role and provides the board with a fresh perspective on program issues. It works to brainstorm, discuss, debate and decide major organizational and actionable issues.

  1. Dr. Sylvie Albert – Laurentian College
  2. Susan Amring – Economic Development Officer, Mississauga
  3. Fawn Annan – President and Group Publisher, IT World Canada
  4. Laura Archer – Community Economic Development Officer, Golden, B.C.
  5. Tony Bailetti – Professor, Carleton University
  6. Rena Barsalo – Society for Arts and Technology
  7. Pierre Boucher – Director, Research, Ericsson
  8. Shaun Browne – President, Digital Mentor Group
  9. Roel Coert – Coquitlam QNet
  10. Sorin Cohn – Executive in Residence, CATA; Program Director, i-CANADA
  11. Susan Cookson – Vice President, Best Life Rewarded
  12. David Cooper – President, ITSportsnet
  13. Mike Corbett – Knowledge-Based Industries, RBC, Fredericton
  14. Tony Dalton – President, Digital Nova Scotia; ACORN
  15. Claude Demers – President, ADRIQ
  16. David Fell – CEO, Eastern Ontario Regional Network
  17. Clark Ferguson – CIO, University of Lethbridge
  18. Dan Goldberger – Canadian Electricity Association
  19. Laurie Guthrie – Economic Development Officer, City of Fredericton
  20. Bruce Hardy – President, Function4
  21. George Krausz – President & CEO, Motorola Solutions
  22. Jennifer Laidlaw – Chief Human Resources Officer at Ontario Securities Commission
  23. Claude Legrande – Co-creator, Ideaction
  24. John Longbottom – Smarter Cities Executive, IBM Canada
  25. Ted Malucci – CIO, Tridel
  26. John Masters – President, Calgary Technologies Inc.
  27. Ash Mathur – Director, Vertical Solutions, Cisco
  28. Andrew Maxwell – Chief Innovation Officer, Canadian Innovation Centre
  29. Dr. Peter McKinnon – President, WiSense, University of Ottawa
  30. Chris Miller – Founder and CEO, Illuminomics
  31. Catherine Middleton – Canada Research Chair, Ryerson
  32. Lou Millrad – Miller Thompson, GTMA
  33. Gale Moore – Past Director, Knowledge Management Institute, University of Toronto
  34. Chris Moore – CIO, City of Edmonton
  35. Lisa Nacarrato – ING DIRECT
  36. Bob Shaw – CITO, City of Calgary
  37. Gareth Shearman – President, Telecommunities Canada
  38. Rick Turner – Government and Strategic Services, Alcatel-Lucent
  39. Alex Vachon – Vancouver Enterprise Forum
  40. James van Leeuwen – Principal, Ventus Development Services
  41. John van Trijp – Partner; Researcher & Specialist Public Safety, Libertas in Vivo
  42. Kristina Verner – Director, Intelligent Communities, Waterfront Toronto: A Top 7 Intelligent Community
  43. Bryan Watson – Independent Venture Capital
  44. Kathleen Webb – Mobile Experience Innovation Centre
  45. Paul West – GM, Rhyzome
  46. Jim Williams – A&W Food Services
  47. David Wolfe – RBC, Chair in Public and Economic Policy, University of Toronto