The leading event for communities, value-makers and network builders. The i-CANADA New World Order is about learning from the best around the world – and becoming one of that elite circle of sustainable, thriving communities! Join industry experts, global thought leaders and your peers at the heart of smart community success for a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights.

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World Future Cities Summit

Blockchain Best Selling Author William Mougayar to Speak at WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT

Acclaimed author William Mougayar will describe a technology that will allow organizations to reinvent field after field  –  blockchain  –  at The WORLD FUTURE CITIES SUMMIT.

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i-CANADA Governors Council

The i-CANADA Council of Governors is comprised of the leadership of Canada’s ‘knowledge-based society’, and brings to i-CANADA the power to springboard the program of creating an Intelligent Nation.

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